translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Yu Hui told the bullying she has suffered from coronavirus

Former MasterChef Chile participant Yu Hui is always in touch with his followers via Instagram where he has many fans. He wanted to tell reality through the social network that lives in our country after the new coronavirus, because he revealed that he has been the victim of bullying.» The other time I went to a place and heard things like ‘this one has the virus, get away’, and I think ‘pa’ what those things say?’ I’ve been told I have the virus, and that’s ugly,» he said in a video. He added that «there are too many people who are going to do bullying…they don’t really know what this virus is! It’s like they just say ‘oooooh, what a terrible thing about the Chinese!’ The TV only shows the bad things and the dead, but it doesn’t report that there are some places where nothing is happening inside China. Besides, memes annoy me and I feel sorry for them.» In fact, he took the opportunity to tell what the situation is in which his family is already living in China and claimed that «the virus is terrible, I know it. And every day I talk to my mommy and she tells me that they are fine in Shanghai, which is not the same as where the disease is, which is the Wuhan area.» They have to think about how to help. I really think everything is better if we think from love, why bullying?» he concluded.

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