translated from Spanish: Women demand media public apology for Ingrid photography

Women’s groups march on Friday to demand a public apology from the media that disseminated infront Escamilla’s photograph of femicide.
The contingent, made up of dozens of women, departed from the Antimonument located in front of the Palace of Fine Arts to the headquarters of the newspaper La Prensa, in Paseo de la Reforma.

Collectives demand a public apology from the media that posted photos of Ingrid; a protester displays the cover of La Prensa, which deployed a «Commitment» so as not to publish such images. | Video: @elycruzla
— (@Pajaropolitico) February 14, 2020

Protesters walked along Juárez Avenue, then joined Paseo de la Reforma and reached Vacilio Badillo Street to the La Prensa building.
The journey was monitored by female policemen, who at the same time guarded the monuments and stations of Metrobus.
In front of the middle building some members of the march made pints and set fire to a delivery truck of La Prensa and then retreated and walk again towards Paseo de la Reforma.

When the main entrance of La Prensa was sheltered, demonstrators arrived on Basilio Badillo Street to protest in front of the newspaper’s access.
— (@Pajaropolitico) February 14, 2020

In Paseo de la Reforma a group of the collective was organized to perform the performance «A rapist in your path» and then returned to the facilities of La Prensa to demand a response from the newspaper.

Women’s Collective performs «Un violator on your way» on Paseo de la Reforma, awaiting response from the newspaper La Prensa.
— (@Pajaropolitico) February 14, 2020

Minutes later, the policemen guarding the building sprayed gases from the fire extinguishers to where the women were, which formed a human fence to avoid being relegated supported by the Marabunta peace brigade.
This morning, another group of women showed up at Palacio Nacional to demand from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador justice in femicide cases.
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Women reject that the president would rather talk about the plane’s raffle than femicide at his morning conference.
Hours later, the women went to the newspaper Reforma, where they met with the newspaper’s editor.
The newspaper Metro, belonging to Grupo Reforma, published the photo of the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla.
Women reported that managers pledged to be more careful with their content; the same will be asked of the newspaper La Prensa.
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