translated from Spanish: Caroline Flack, British TV host, died

News of Caroline Flack’s death spawned a new shock in show business. The 40-year-old presenter had great professional success with the show «Love Island» but couldn’t leave her personal problems behind, and local media confirmed it that way.» It was impossible for her to find happiness,» the media explained after this case was unveiled, which does not yet have a judicial explanation, but all points to a suicide, after she was found lifeless in her London home. From this, his relatives asked for «respect and privacy at this difficult time.»

His death comes within days of having to go to court on the complaint of violence by his partner, former professional tennis player Lewis Burton. As he explained, she would have hit him with a lamp and for that reason had a perimeter order and was forbidden to contact her boyfriend. Apparently, those problems could be more above her hit-as-a-lead on «I’m a Celebrity,» «Sacame Here,» «Viral Tap,» but mainly in «Factor X» and «Britain’s Got More Talent.» Among other issues of her life that marked her life, the romance she had with singer Harry Styles, former One Direction, appeared in 2011, when he was 17 and she was 31, where she was heavily criticized in the environment.

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