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Neither love nor friendship on February 14, but quite the opposite: it is apparent that the government of the Fourth Transformation will have no contemplation with the corrupt ex-officials of the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto. The arrest in Spain of former Pemex director Emilio Lozoya relived all the cases at issue in the anti-corruption hunt on all fronts.
The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Santiago Nieto, is already known in the Brown political media as “the Mexican Elliot Ness” for the cluster of multimillion-dollar accounts of corrupt and criminals he has blocked. He is relentless, but he is not alone in his struggle: he is supported by Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero; the secretary of the Civil Service, Eréndira Sandoval, and the leaders of the Morena benches, Senator Ricardo Monreal and federal deputy Mario Delgado.
The former secretary of Sedesol and Sedatu Rosario Robles is already imprisoned from the so-called “Master Scam” and several of his collaborators are being subjected to criminal trials. Yesterday it was also unveiled that EPN compadre and former Secretary of Sedesol Luis Miranda, who also operated this defrauding pyramid that started at the universities of the State of Mexico and Hidalgo and then spread throughout the country.
Due to legal pressures, construction entrepreneurs returned 2 billion pesos of improper payments made to them by the Infonavit. 3 billion are still pending, but former director of this unit David Penchyna already has his accounts frozen and also engages the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat. They also go to former Secretary of Communications and Transport Gerardo Ruiz, who was detected irregularities in money management for 16 billion pesos.
At the moment only the senator’s jurisdiction protects former Secretary of Government Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, but it was found that he bought uniforms for federal police men at an overprice, who paid private companies for food twice as much as the prisoners in the Mexican criminal slabs and who bought an overpriced security system of 2 billion pesos. He immediately dislocated from Emilio Lozoya.
The former inmates don’t want to pay all the blame alone. Rosario Robles initially blamed former Hacienda secretaries Luis Videgaray and José Antonio Meade, and Lozoya’s lawyer threatens to call Videgaray and former President Peña Nieto to testify, and we must not forget that former policeman Genaro Garcia, arrested in The United States and accused of protecting drug cartels, could negotiate and kick off its boss, former President Felipe Calderón. Big game hunting abounds and the hunt is even done with a shotgun.
Potpourri. Los Mochis firefighters celebrate tomorrow the anniversary of the founding of the corporation and also graduate the graduate elements of the academy.
Lawsuit. While youtuber Paúl Velázquez announces that the irons have already been “removed” from his face, Mayor Billy Chapman threatens to sue him for defamation. See. 

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