translated from Spanish: They find two bodies shot in the Uruapan-Paracho

Uruapan, Michoacán.- The bodies of two men with gunshot wounds were found lying on the bank of the Uruapan-Paracho highway in this municipality. Experts from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice were sent to the area to initiate investigations into the double homicide.
The above was known in the journalistic work. The site was cordoned off by the elements of Public Safety and the National Guard in attachment to the chain of custody. Subsequently, the experts and investigating agents arrived, the same in charge of the collection of evidence and testimonies.
The bodies were lying at the height of kilometer 50 of the vial in reference. Voices close to the subject told this media outlet that the now-western are unknown. The victims were taken to the forensic medical service facility for the practice of the respective necropsies.
Police contacts also mentioned to this wording that it is presumed that the issue could be related to account adjustments among rival criminal groups seeking control of illegal activities in the region, although they stressed that they will already be the prosecutors who determine the causes of these murders.

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