translated from Spanish: Estimate US$80 billion losses for global tourism due to Coronavirus

People killed by Coronavirus have so far been reported to 1523 fatalities and at least 66,887 people infected according to available figures. Now, the economic impact of the disease also continues to grow. According to British weekly The Economist, the tourism industry will be severely affected by losses of US$80 billion globally.
This is due to the large number of people who have cancelled or postponed their trips to China or mainland Asia where the greatest number of contagions have been recorded.
The large size of the Chinese market is also expressed in tourism. According to Nikkei Asian Review figures, cited by La Tercera, in 2018 the tourism industry generated revenues of US$227 billion and China recorded one fifth of the total which means at least US$45.5 billion.
According to The Economist’s report, only Southeast Asia will record revenue losses of US$7 billion. Several countries in the area replicated Singapore’s move to close its borders to Chinese visitors. That country has lost a figure of about 20 thousand daily visitors due to this provision. In Thailand the number of Chinese tourists has decreased by 60% and reported from their Ministry of Tourism, in the last week of January they stopped entering US$294 million.
At the same time, hotel occupancy in China was down 75%.  This casualty will have an impact in at least the next 12 months. Hilton has already closed 150 hotels of its hotels in China and forecasts a half-point reduction in its results.
The passenger transport industry has also made an impact. This week alone 30 airlines have cancelled 25,000 flights to China. And the French company Airbus closed its aircraft assembly plant in the Chinese city of Tianjin.

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