translated from Spanish: Aeroparque will return to and from Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru

The Government announced that from 11 May next, Aeroparque will again operate flights to and from Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. To date, the only trips to international destinations were Montevideo and Punta del Este.With this measure, the airport re-works as it did prior to Resolution 183/2018 of July 6, 2017, when regional services were moved to The Ezeiza station with the aim of decompressing the metropolitan area.

The initiative was published this morning in the Official Gazette under the name Resolution 40/2020 and is signed by Paola Tamburelli, National Administrator of Civil Aviation of Argentina (ANAC). The proposal had already been advanced on 2 January by the ministers of Transport, Mario Meoni, and of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, as a way of promoting «international receptive tourism». In addition to this, it is expected to revive the economy of that area.
«The number of passengers passing through here is minimal. There are few flights and Argentines who go to Uruguay buy little for the tax. At most the Uruguayans who arrive buy something, favored by the change, in the Free of Arrivals, but we hope that will change from May and return to the way it was,» Télam told Télam from the Free Shop in the International Games sector.» Both here and in the Free de Arribos, the Brazilians were the ones who spent the most and that had disappeared. Now we’re going to add passengers from Peru and Bolivia and I think we’re going to have a more than interesting move, it’s going to be a lot of daily flights and this is going to come back alive,» they added. In this note:

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