translated from Spanish: Banda Recoditos celebrates three decades of making history

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Armando the fart is the title of the current tour of the band Recoditos, with which they have already performed in several cities in the United States so far this 2020. However, the title goes further because it responds to the magnificent celebration that will be held by the Sinaleense group on Monday, February 24 as part of the 122nd edition of the Mazatlan International Carnival.
In an interview with the newspaper EL DEBATE, Eduardo Loaiza and Rafael González, two of the three vocalists of the band, shared more details of what will be the holiday of the three decades of life of Los Recoditos, their feeling after being of the newest members of this lineup and the projects that are coming.
The new version of their greatest hits
The album titled 30th Anniversary was recently released, which is a compilation of 30 iconic songs from the group that have been recorded by the new members.
It is a compilation of the band’s trajectory, founded in 1989 by sons of musicians who were part of the band El Recodo, and every Friday three tracks will be released until adding 30 melodies.
«Little by little we prepare the songs and make them known to people so that they prepare more or less with what they will hear next February 24 at carnival,» said Eduardo Loaiza.
Among the first melodies released from this album are Ay, friend; With romantic music (which at the time made Pancho Barraza famous when he was a member of this group) and poor rancher. In addition, they currently work with the theme Elegis you a mistake, which Rafael González performs.
Rafael and Eduardo joined the ranks of the group in March 2019 and in their opinion, it is very significant and important, both personally and professionally to be part of this anniversary.
«Well happy for this opportunity and this dream that we have been following since we realized that we have the grace to make music, to sing, something that we have always seen. In particular, from my childhood, seeing great personalities in music, singers, starts with being an admiration. Then work and never give up on our dream. We have achieved great things thanks to the office that trusted us to continue this legacy, which we always mentioned, for Recoditos have passed excellent singers, and continue with this music», highlighted Rafael González, originally from Monclova.
He told that on the 30th anniversary album are songs that have already been recorded by Pancho Barraza, Chayo de la Lola, Roberto Junior and many singers who have been part of Los Recoditos, «for what (we are) grateful and also with the people for giving the opportunity to get to know each other little by little.»
Anecdotes and more
When asked the two newest voices of the group if they have already experienced some curious anecdote with some of the songs that have had them recorded from the emblematic repertoire, González confessed that he had already recorded the songs that had touched him, however, in the end he assigned one more, It’s nice, but for this he couldn’t prepare because he was on tour and came almost straight to record it, however, he felt he wasn’t broadcasting anything on the song because he hadn’t studied it.
Banda Recoditos will celebrate its 30th anniversary in a big way.

Suddenly Marcos Figueroa, musical director of the band, made him see this detail and asked him to imagine that he was singing it to his daughter, and that’s when everything was different for Rafael.
«That’s where everything changed, that’s when the magic started and it’s one of the songs that I liked the most (of which it was my turn), but great songs come inside the album.»

He noted that having to record songs that made famous Pancho Barraza and other performers, the challenge they both face is to grow day by day, to learn professionally from their peers who have more time and musical career in the band Los Recoditos . And for people’s taste, doing things the best way, because «anyone starts but stay is the big challenge,» Gonzalez said.
On the aggression he suffered on the Mazatlan boardwalk on the part of a homeless man who was unexpectedly struck him from behind, while he recorded a video for his followers on social media, he points out that it was something unexpected, that he was caught off guard, and that there was no retaliation on his part.
He pointed out that that person who attacked him walks around Mazatlan and he is very identified by the tourist policemen so they are aware that he does not do another evil. He appreciates it happening to him and not to an older person or a minor who could not protect himself.
He doesn’t think about suing or retaliating against the subject, he just spoke to the authorities to arrest him and prevent him from assaulting others who were passing by.
Great surprises, with artistic guests of various musical genres will have Los Recoditos in the 30th anniversary concert in which «Chiquis» Rivera, Pipe Bueno, Emir Pavón, Nacho, Grupo Codiciado and Fuerza Regida will perform. As well as the newly announced Alegres de la Sierra, Los Mazatlecos, Alan Pineda and Banda La Explosive.
In this regard, Loaiza and González anticipated that there will be surprises in terms of collaborations between the guests and them, but they can not give more details to leave some things incognito.
They invited them to keep an eye on the official social networks of the group, because through them they will publish some advances of the surprises that will offer in the event, which will have as its headquarters the Parque Ciudades Hermanas, in Olas Altas, from 20:00 hours.
They promise to touch on as many topics as time authorized by the authorities permits.
They’ll find people enjoy the night, just like they want to. They want it to be unforgettable and that when the 40 years of band Los Recoditos come, people will be eager to celebrate with them again.
Open to mergers
After their participation on January 24 last in the National Band Day in Las Vegas, where they made a collaboration on stage with El Recodo, La Adictiva and Los Sebastianes, they confess that even if it sounds very attractive to make collaborations with other groups or artists, no suggestion has been made to do so for some record production.
They confess that they like to have the brotherhood felt between groups, however, because of agenda issues of themselves and other groups has not been given.
«Blessed God, Recoditos is characterized by having a lot of work and being in the taste of the people. Right now we’re focused on carnival, but obviously the 30-year-old compilation album has to bring us a lot of stuff after all this. Although it is an album that was planned for social networks and to make people know a little bit of the trajectory, and to the new generations show them some of the trajectory of Los Recoditos, the band continues to record songs, making records. By the middle of the year God wills, we have to be working to release the line album, in which they include unreleased tracks, cuts, and thereby I add my voice as a new member of Los Recoditos,» he advanced.
On the nerves as you go on stage, confess that you are always present, so you have one or 15 years old. «Because you never know in yourself what people want. If we knew the recipe or the potion, it would be simple, but this business is not so, the public is sometimes very complicated because he likes the good, however, blessed God, Recoditos has always been characterized by making good music, and right now that we had to enter us, we did it for something and we hope to give people in taste. (We are) very happy to be around and hopefully people like our work.»
He commented that from Recoditos have emerged important exponents of the Mexican regional, and that in his opinion, the company with which they are working is characterized by being the best or one of the best in the middle. They say grateful ly part of this group that was named after the musician and founder of El Recodo, Cruz Lizárraga.
«We are grateful and now we have this responsibility and we have to give it all, because if they trusted us it is because they saw something good in us. We’re going to work to give people the best, » Gonzalez said.

He said that because of agenda, they do not know if Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Lizárraga, leader of El Recodo and who was part of Los Recoditos, will be at the concert of Carnival Monday Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Lizárraga, leader of El Recodo and that he was part of Los Recoditos, but stressed that he has been on the lookout for every step that is taking place on the anniversary , both he and his brother Joel and his mother, Ms. Chuyita Lizárraga.
«The 30th anniversary is going to be a unique, unforgettable event; an event where people go to witness a night that is very rarely lived, because we are thinking of throwing the house out the window. We want to bring together all the generations, not the grouping, but the audience that was conquered in the 90s, in the 2000s and in this new stage we want to capture new generations and we hope that all those generations will enjoy the night that we are preparing with great affection for all of them,» he concluded. Additional data. The group has been recognized with the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2018, as well as the iHeart Radio Music Award, among other distinctions. 
One of the band’s first performances was in front of the Sinaian singer-songwriter and actor José Angel Espinosa, «Ferrusquilla».
Carlos Sarabia, Luis Angel Franco, Pancho Barraza, Carlos Pérez, Roberto Jr., Chayo De La Lola were vocalists of the band. 
The 25 years of the group were also celebrated in the Mazatlan carnival and on that occasion they had pigeons with ex-members.

The group has been recognized with the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2018, among other distinctions.

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