translated from Spanish: Club Social and Deportivo Colo Colo launched criticism of Black and White for classic incidents with UC

The Colo Colo Social and Sports Club issued a statement after what happened on Sunday at the Estadio Monumental, with the suspension of the classic before Universidad Católica due to incidents caused by some barristas del ‘Cacique’. Referee Piero Maza suspended the duel after 70 minutes, after a firework injured Argentine frame striker Nicolas Blandi in his legs. The National Board, for several weeks, has expressed its concern about the normal development of Chilean football in a context where there are no security conditions for audiences as well as players and workers in Chile’s stadiums. What happened in the match between Colo-Colo and Universidad Católica at the Estadio Monumental demonstrated the problems in the operating protocols after the entry and use of pyrotechnics against the campus, severely affecting Nicolás Blandi,» the writing began.» We are angry in legitimizing the right to manifest in all spaces for public use. We can only share the national unrest that, after four months of mobilization, still does not receive clear signs of justice for those who have suffered DD violations. HH, nor have the necessary reforms been implemented in the key demands that the population has demanded from the Government. We know and share the pain that our Club continues to live after the cowardly murders of the Colocolinos Jorge Mora and Ariel Moreno at the hands of the agents of the state,» he added. In the same vein, the chair of Edmundo Valladares noted that «aware of this, of the right to protest and social discontent, we cannot allow the safety of the attendees of our and the other stadiums of Chile to be put at risk, whether in the hands of individuals or the state». The Social Club then launched its criticisms of Black and White. «Since so far there are no conditions for the proper development of the competencies that are scheduled, we call for a review of all internal functioning protocols with regard to BYNSA’s stadium operation, along with the protocols imposed by the secure stadium. Similarly, the areas responsible for the internal operation, both management and headquarters that affect the stadium operation, account and respond for the repeated mistakes made this Sunday, February 16, and whose results are already known, are required, he said. Finally, the sports institution noted that «before announcing any measures that go directly to the detriment of our people, as Directory we demand that all the backgrounds that respond to a rigorous investigation of the security aspects that failed in the event be made available, both in order to correct and improve the protocols, as well as initiate the proper process of those who are responsible for affecting the security of the show».

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