translated from Spanish: Denisse Malebrán in CineLebu: «The importance of the music video for the musical artist is total»

To Concepción was moved the prominent national artist Denisse Malebrán, in order to participate in activities of the twentieth version of the International Film Festival of Lebu, CineLebu.
In the contest, Malebrán participated as a jury in the category of Videoclip and also presented himself with Saiko free of charge for the festival-goers at the Teatro Biobío.
«From the century that we have just split the importance of the music video to the musical artist is total, I think this is a totally audiovisual era where the image is as important as music,» she said. This, «understanding that we are not talking about a single image, but finally the artistic concept that you want to project and from that people identify with your work or not,» he added.

According to Malebrán, «Before people listened to music on the radio and didn’t see the artists and they committed only through a sense and that today is unacceptable and I think the artists that we started in this era we understood it that way and the new generations understand it much better that we do.»
About the fact that CineLebu awarded video music for the second year in a row, the performer argued that «it’s super important, and how nice that they remember this cousin who is music, because the video clip is a cinematic work too, linked to the short film, but it is a language of its own that has its own characteristic and talent that is to connect the image with the music, and it is nice to value it and reward it.»

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