translated from Spanish: Government claims at least 2,300 containers with fruit are stranded in China ports

Agriculture Minister Antonio Walker confirmed that at least 2,300 containers with fruit are stranded in China as a result of the emergency that has unleashed the coronavirus. Just two weeks ago, it was confirmed by the National Agricultural Society that there were no fewer than 1,500 containers stranded in Chinese ports, mainly with cherries. The holder of Agriculture explained to Emol that this increase in stranded products in that country is due to the given another week of vacation after the Chinese New Year.» Another week of vacation after the New Year was given, then the market was very stopped for two weeks instead of a week, and of course that affects consumption a lot and that affected Chilean fruit farming in the sense that containers were accumulating there must be 2,300 containers of fruit there today. Those are stranded there, with a very good cold chain,» he said. While a major group of Chinese returned from vacation, the minister said trade was «reactivated,» but «much slower.» «If 200 containers were opened every day before, 100-120 are opened today,» he said. In addition, it noted that as a result of the market not being activated, due to the health crisis, the products have not been able to be marketed, while «the return of containers is slowing down». «We are monitoring this, because other markets are also reactivated, so we have to follow the subject. It’s a hell of a problem to run out of packaging,» the minister added.

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