translated from Spanish: Intendencia blames Colo Colo for incidents at the Estadio Monumental: «Private security was surpassed»

The deputy mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Enrique Beltrán, referred to the incidents that occurred at the Estadio Monumental, during the suspended match between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica.
In this regard, the mayor blamed the Albo team, as he considered that the private security of the Monumental Stadium was surpassed. He also said they will look for those responsible for the incidents that resulted in the suspension of the match.
«We want to resoundally reject what happened at the match of Colo Colo and Universidad Católica in the Monumental, where the private security of the stadium was surpassed, entering forbidden elements such as fireworks and were released from the Arica Grandstand», held at a press point.
On the incidents, which left player Nicolas Blandi injured, he also referred. Specifically, to the authorization that Colo Colo received to use pyrotechnics in the anteroom of the meeting.
«I want to clarify that the fireworks that Colo Colo asked for for the start of the match were authorized and complied with the elements of the law. That was not a problem, the problem was the illegal fireworks that entered the stadium and that no person anywhere in the country is allowed to manipulate,» he said.
As for the detainees, Beltran said that «these elements were entered the stadium by people who broke security measures, broke doors, and there are two detainees who entered in early, there is one person arrested for acts of the Safe Stadium Law and three people detained for incivilities outside the stadium.» For all of them, the Government will file a file.

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