translated from Spanish: «March Bonus» is now available for the first group: know the requirements and details of the payment

From this February 15th to the next 28th of the same month, the first group of beneficiaries began receiving the «March Bonus», corresponding to 425 thousand families. This year the amount amounts to $47,765 pesos. In this way, the first to receive the Permanent Family Contribution 2020 are people who in the second half of each month receive the Family Grant or benefits of Chile Solidarity or the Subsystem of Security and Opportunities (Family Ethical Income). To check if they are on the list determined by the State, they must enter, indicating their RUT and date of birth. On the other hand, the second group will be able to access the benefit between 2 and 14 March, in its same place and date of payment, without any formalities. In this segment are people who in the first half of each month receive benefits for Family Grant, Chile Solidarity or the Security and Opportunity Subsystem, through the IPS. In addition, pensioners from the Institute of Social Security (IPS) who charge Allocation for their family burdens. And finally, the third leg will be able to collect the bonus from 16 March. In this case it will be workers, workers and pensioners from entities other than the IPS who charge Family or Maternal Allowance for their family burdens. These people will be able to check their day and place of payment at

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