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Morelia, Michoacán.- As part of the actions aimed at improving the quality of life and facilitating its integration, the Poliforum Center for Social Innovation, this day launched a training for work for students of the Multiple Care Center «Margarita Gómez Palacio», provided by its staff and with the full use of its facilities.
In the Government of Morelia, headed by the municipal president Raúl Morón Orozco, work on all edges to generate the necessary conditions for people with disabilities, in order to develop normally and develop to the maximum capabilities, as well as taking a firm step in inclusion.
Poliforum trains CAM Morelia students to workMaría Elena Silva Montes, director of the Poliforum, stressed that the students of the CAM will have at their disposal all the staff and equipment of the agency, by setting the objective by July, the eight will be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to perform in a job.
The director of CAM, Luis Alberto Vázquez Facio, thanked the participation of the Poliforum, as this agency opens more and more spaces to train young people with intellectual disabilities in work, since he said it is a great challenge to meet new people, to live learn in an environment other than your classroom or home.

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