translated from Spanish: The «City Cars» who arrived in Neuquén to reduce pollution

With the aim of helping the environment and reducing pollution, the Neuquén CALF Cooperative presented its environmental sustainability plan incorporating fully electric City Car cars. CalF General Manager Carlos Saita was in charge of giving the technical precisions of the vehicles that are characterized by their autonomy and by being fully electric. They are a total of four units that have a range of 100 kilometers and reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h. It is the first car of its kind manufactured in Argentina and is approved for patenting and driving on the street.

The vehicle can be recharged in the house by means of a common domestic power outlet. It is an important step for the Cooperative, as it has made a commitment to collaborate with the care of the environment and climate change. These premises are summarized under the CALF Green Strategic Plan.» CALF thus joins the thousands of people, companies, states, agencies and NGOs that are already working to reduce the significant negative effects that occur in the environment arising from human activity and economic development,» they said. CALF is the acronym that respond to «Cooperative of Water, Light and Force», name with which the institution was born and marked its identity even when its social reason changed to Cooperativa Provincial de Servicios Públicos y Comunitarios de Neuquén Limitada.In this note:

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