translated from Spanish: The Rosary: Vector workers and zoonoses stop labor

The Rosary. Due to the shortcomings and needs they claim to have, workers in the area of vectors and zoonoses stopped work from Monday morning, this in order to be heard and started to provide solutions. José Angel Morales Tejeda, Union Delegate of the Section, denounced that they have no material to work with, no furniture, no computers, printers and much less internet, so they are totally incommunicado, without being able to give agility to the job because they do not there’s material.

He also reported that the nebulizing carriage that is in El Rosario was taken for the municipality of Escuinapa and sometimes sends the car and personnel from Escuinapa to work to Rosario, spending more the vehicle, on travel and fuel and putting people at risk since the veh is not in optimal condition. Similarly, he commented that for contracts under abate, last year only 3 were authorized in Rosario, while in ESCUINAPA there were 30, this year 4 were authorized for Rosario and 20 for Escuinapa, which has also generated discomfort, because it is well known that the arcuinaPA the geography in Rosario is much larger and with many more communities than the neighboring municipality.


The delegate of health workers in the municipality reported that all these anomalies are known to the coordinator Jorge Santín but said, I do not do anything about it and sometimes it contributes to the aggravation of the problem. It was said concerned, because trying to reduce the problem in Escuinapa is neglecting Rosario, who also have priority communities such as Apoderado, Cacalotán and Agua Verde areas that have already had cases of Dengue within three years Previous. Morales Tejeda commented that the head of the jurisdiction Andrés Sidhartha Hindu has also been made aware of the problem through a trade, but has not paid attention to them. He noted that this work stoppage will be until they are heard and given solutions, so he asked the authorities to take letters on the matter and discuss why the head of the health jurisdiction does not respond to the requests and why the coordinator has there is little interest in the municipality.

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