translated from Spanish: The word of Balbiani Angels after confirming that she was fired from Intruders

This year, Intrusos turns 20 years in the air and from production they prepare some changes, among them, from panelists. According to what Angel De Brito had advanced and was later confirmed, Balbiani Angels will not continue on the show. On Monday, the reporter slid down why it would have been.» It’s true,» he told the chronicler of ‘The Angels of the Morning,’ Maite Peñoñori. «I took the news the way anyone takes it, it’s a shit running out of work. Then I spoke to the channel, which offered me other proposals but I didn’t expect it.»

Trying to determine the reason for her departure, the interviewer asked if she believed it had to do with the fact that she is a friend of Pampita Ardohain and that she never ‘drops information’ about her: «That may be a motive. Maybe I’m out of a job, but I keep a friend I did good business with.» Finally, she responded to rumors that Jorge Rial’s wife, Romina Pereiro, was involved in her disengagement from the show. As Yanina Latorre released, «there were many problems and many inmates» with the actress, and the nutritionist «believes that she berates him» (Jorge).

«I don’t know, I’d rather think I didn’t have to go on, » he answered bluntly. «I know her from crossing me. Apparently, Balbiani would move to Incorrects, the program led by Moria Casán, while the one who would replace her would be Marina Calabró.

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