translated from Spanish: A crowd gathers in Congress to ask for justice for Fernando

Demonstrators, relatives and friends of Fernando Báez Sosa, beaten to death at the exit of a bowling alley in the Bonaerense spa of Villa Gesell a month ago, began to concentrate in front of the Congress of the Nation in demand of justice. After 5.30p, the young man’s family departed from his home to Congress and said that “Justice would be that they are in prison all their lives.” 

“Violence is a scourge that ravages and destroys without distinction. There is no religion, social class, nationality, race or age to hold it back. That is why we have to say enough violence, with energy and determination to be heard in every corner of Argentina,” says the text with which his parents called the march.
Many of the protesters hold Argentine flags, posters with Fernando’s face and banners that say “Everyone with Fernando, society demands justice”. The bride and friends of Báez Sosa were the first to enter the stage and sat on the floor with a sign with the face of the murdered young man hanging on his chest, while holding among all a large sign that says “Justice for Fernando. Murdered in Gessel. We’re going without violence.” At the same time, in front of the bowling alley Le Brique in Villa Gesell, where Fernando was killed, there is a mass in his honor.

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