translated from Spanish: Chrome finally solves the annoying problem with videos

It is quite common to access websites and find videos that play automatically instantly when we load the page and that make it difficult for us, in this way, to access the content that we are really interested in. Now Google finally brings us a solution for these irritating ads.

Google Chrome engineers announced on the official blog that from August they would block the three most intrusive types of ads for users. These are: long ads (more than 31 seconds) that appear before a video and cannot be skipped in the first 5 seconds, those of any duration that appear in the middle of a video and disrupt the user experience; and finally the texts and images that appear at the top of a video in playback and cover more than 20% of the content. This measure applies to videos considered short-formatted, i.e. those less than eight minutes long. And while online advertising is a big business that win platforms like Facebook, Google and Youtube billions annually, there is evidence that targeted advertising doesn’t work.» Chrome will expand its protections for users and stop showing all ads on sites in any country that repeatedly display these disruptive ads,» said Jason James, Product Manager, in the blog post.

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