translated from Spanish: Florida mayor blamed Audax Italiano for La Polla Records concert dismantling

Florida Mayor Rodolfo Carter blamed the Football Club Audax Italiano for the incidents that forced the suspension of the show of Spanish punk band La Polla Records. Through his Twitter account, the warden stated that «once again Audax’s owners behave like the worst neighbors (in Florida).» He also referred to the situation through a statement. «Knowing the risk that was run with the development of a show like polla Records, and in perfect knowledge that the Municipality of Florida opposed its celebration, the owners of Audax, just looking to make commercial profits, have ended up involved in a commercial activity tinged with scandal and incidents,» says part of the writing. He also disbelieved the Metropolitan Intendency for authorizing the concert of the European band. «Similarly, we call on the Metropolitan Intendency, an organization that authorizes these shows, not to continue to lend themselves to these abuses. It is not understood why the Intendencia requests municipal opinion, if in the end, it ends up ignoring it and allowing these facts to occur and worse, not being responsible for the damages», he supplemented. From the municipality they revealed that yesterday barricades were recorded at various points in the commune, apart from tearsigns and various scratches.

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