translated from Spanish: Good news for mothers: Enable breastfeeding rooms in Santiago and Colina Family Courts

A new measure implemented in the Family Courts of Santiago and Colina, seeks to make the lives of women mothers who go or work there more comfortable, through the implementation of breastfeeding rooms.
These rooms are equipped and prepared for mothers and their children, ensuring a space of privacy and comfort. The President of the Supreme Court, Guillermo Silva, announced that during the years 2020 and 2021 it will extend to all the family courts of Santiago, ruling that now, the great challenge is to be able to extend it within Santiago and other regions of the country.
The rooms were designed and developed under the requirements established by the «Guide to Implementation of Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Room» of the Chile Grows With You program of the Ministry of Social Development, which involved the complete renewal of the infrastructure, involving the change of the floor, ceiling and general structure of the room, in order to establish a permanently clean and germ-free environment.
Each structure has a comfortable armchair for the mother’s stay with her child, a special cushion for breastfeeding, also a dispenser of gel alcohol and water. In addition, folletería with basic information for use and breastfeeding was developed.
By handing over these spaces the President of the Supreme Court, Guillermo Silva; the Minister in charge of Gender Affairs and Non-Discrimination, Andrea Muñoz; the president of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, Javier Moya; and the director of the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary, Ricardo Guzmán, inaugurated the new breastfeeding rooms of the Juzgados de Santiago y Colina.
The Minister of the Supreme Court and in charge of gender issues, Andrea Muñoz, indicated «that to make available to women who are mothers and who attend the courts to demand some claim, a space where they can freely exercise, that is, if they wish , in a comfortable and kind way their right to breastfeed their sons or daughters, certainly contributes to improving access to justice, by somehow erecting a barrier or difficulty that could hinder the claim of their rights.»
From the Judiciary they noted that they have implemented these rooms in regions with good results in the Court of Letters, Family and Guarantee of the Union, the Court of Family of Los Angeles and the Court of Osorno, among others.
 The breastfeeding rooms of the Family Courts of Santiago are located in the 3rd Family Court (General Mackenna 1477, 5th floor) and for its realization was supported by Judge Paulina Roncagliolo, who promoted this project next to the Santiago zonal administrator, Gustavo Andrade.

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