translated from Spanish: Patiño has a bad balance with the Big Fish

If at this point, Dorados did not have in his record that great victory in the Cup tournament against Chivas, it is very likely that he did not continue as coach of the team David Patiño, whose balance is not enviable at all. In fact, just one win and one cup loss, two losses and two draws in the League, are lousy numbers for Patiño and a club that supposedly aspires to promotion to the top division of professional football in our country. Already the situation of the home draw begins to become worrying about this lack of harvestof points, since of the 12 played in the League only adds up to a couple. In addition, two commitments of high degree of danger come, when you visit next weekend the Venados de Mérida and the next you receive the leader Miners of Zacatecas.Therefore, we believe that if the Big Fish does not wake up in these next two weeks we could already go discarding it for the slout, because he had only five more matches left and if he can’t win one, we see worse that he can spin five wins. And for our taste, as long as the gold artillery is still off, no good as it plays on the court, you won’t be able to leave the last place. Surely we will be labeled pessimistic, but the cold numbers do not lie from the bad step that the Dorados, COCHINON. We got to see the action in which Eduardo Aguirre, Santos’ striker, effectively obstructs With his body Nahuel Guzmán, a goalkeeper of Tigres, when he tried to get out clearing the ball from his area. It is incredible that the whistler Jorge Pérez and the VAR have only marked the violation of Aguirre and let pass the arm pull and the kick that the Argentine beat the player of Santos and that he minimally should have received the yellow cardboard. So where is the famous pre-match phrase of «play fair and feel your league» when you give treacherous punches like Guzman’s, which is not the first time he violates fair play and neither the main authority nor the VAR sanctions him. It is an act of total impunity. Best wishes. It is the one that we wish and all the success of the project called Now TV Live that inaugurates its activities today from 20:00 hours and you will be able to see it through digital platforms.
The workers’ body consists of a select group of journalists of qualified feathers, among which we can mention Javier Ramírez, Enrique Santoyo, Juan Carlos Campos, Luis Alfonso Felix, Edson Velázquez and Alberto Morones.LISTO. Manuel «Meni» Moreno is another of the great defenders of the old guard who is ready to take part in the nascent league of 70 years and older. By the way, if you need a furniture arrangement job the Meni Moreno can get you out of trouble, there in the Market of Info Humaya.

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