translated from Spanish: PRI and PRD most affected: INE

The INE Committee on Prerogatives and Political Parties reported that the seven nationally registered political forces lost, altogether, about 70% of their affiliates in the past year, from 13 million to 549 thousand 895 militants to four million 280 thousand 465 supporters.
Thus, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) went from six million 546 thousand 560 to one million 578 thousand 242, that is four million 968 thousand 318 less supporters, while that of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) went from five million 30 thousand 34 to one million 250 thousand 34, representing three million 780 thousand less affiliations.
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This, derived from the process of reviewing and updating its standards carried out by political forces over the past year, through which the election management authority cross-corroborated in a preliminary manner – since there are still other compulsas – that failed to prove or endorse citizen support as established by the law in this area.
According to the Final Report on the procedure for reviewing, updating and systematizing the patterns of national political party affiliates and affiliates (INE/CG33/2019), it is apparent that the Labour Parties (PT) and Movement showed a reduction of about 50%.
This, since they went from 508 thousand 210 to 249 thousand 385 affiliates and from 466 thousand 197 to 229 thousand 479 militants, respectively. In contrast, the Green Environmentalist of Mexico (PVEM) party went from 304 thousand 311 members to 460 thousand 554, while Morena reduced its supporter base by 12% from 317 thousand 595 to 278 thousand 322.
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In public session, election counselor Adriana Favela stressed that the seven political parties together had a record of 13 million 549 thousand 895 militants «and we ended up with a record of four million 289 thousand».
That is, «there was an update of more than nine and a half million people who are no longer in their records because they have already been updated and because those people were already respected their right to free membership, and we start from the basis that, if they are no longer there with you (in their standards) it is because they do not have an affiliation card or because they decided to give up that militancy.»
Favela Herrera recalled that political parties are responsible for affiliations. «All we are doing is checking whether that person you say is your affiliate, has citizen quality or not, and is on the Nominal Voters List that has the NSO.
«We don’t know if that affiliation is valid or not, that is, that they have collected it properly, that is already a responsibility of you (the political parties). You are also responsible for updating your membership pattern, as well as for the preservation of those affiliations and the files leading,» she added.
The iReport, which was unanimously approved, will be forwarded to the General Council of the National Electoral Institute for review, modification or approval at a forthcoming session.
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