translated from Spanish: They raided the New Chicago stadium after the bar showdown

After Friday afternoon’s serious incidents that were recorded on live television and where a brutal attack of New Chicago bars with white weapons was seen, Justice began the investigation and after the stadium closed, the stadium was proceeded break-in. By order of the Prosecutor’s Office in charge of Adriana Bellavigna, the City Police investigated and took valuable film material to determine the beginning of the events and how the attack was carried out that ended with three wounded with slash wounds and two detainees who were arrested will be investigated in the next few hours. The battle that took place in the grandstand of the Stadium Republic of Mataderos had as protagonists members of “Los Perales” and “Las Antenas”, when the minute that Mario Ejarque started the game, the riots broke out and once the situation calmed down the situation , it was decided that it should be resumed.

Three wounded and two arrested for the knife attack in the New Chicago grandstand.

Meanwhile, the court is closed to preserve evidence within the scene and sources close to the investigation, working with the main hypothesis that the facas used were inside the stadium.” The fact happens around 17 o’clock and I find out because Dr. Mahiques (the City Attorney General) sends me a video after 19. The police didn’t call me to inform me. There’s something wrong there. I should have been told by the fact who was in charge of Sports Events,” mnaifested prosecutor Bellavigna.For the time being, no further developments were made of the injured or the detainees, and on the other hand the club hopes that a possible sanction could be made for the Discipline Court, where you will have to make a disclaimer on what happened.

Original source in Spanish

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