translated from Spanish: Calls for INAI to strengthen inE

Mexico City.-The fraction of Citizen Movement in chamber of deputies asked the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) to join the effort to strengthen the National Electoral Institute in the renewal of four new directors. Tomorrow Wednesday, INAI will define the two members it is responsible for proposing to join the Technical Evaluation Committee that will qualify the profiles of aspiring electoral directors and draw up four quintets, lists to be delivered to the Board of Political Coordination of the Chamber of Deputies.

Through a missive delivered directly to the president of INAI, Francisco Javier Acuña, the coordinator of MC, Tonatiuh Bravo, called for a transparent procedure in the election of the persons who were part of that committee.” We are convinced that, over the past 30 years, our country has transformed its democratic institutions to ensure and give certainty in electoral processes and results. “For the above, we invite you to join us in a process where maximum transparency prevails in decision-making, as well as the strengthening of the autonomy of the INE,” cites the letter delivered to Acuña on behalf of the entire MC fraction. The legislators called on the INAI plenary to work together to preserve the constitutional principles governing the electoral function, corresponding to certainty, legality, independence, impartiality, maximum publicity and objectivity. The text highlights that the Chamber of Deputies and INAI have the concurrent contribution to appointing the members of the committee that will evaluate future election directors. The House is defined by three people, the INAI to two and the National Commission on Human Rights two others.” For Movimiento Ciudadano it is essential to build agreements between these three agencies to safeguard the democratic advances that Mexico has had over the last 30 years and to give certainty to the process of participation and political expression of Mexicans, as well as results of elections,” the MC fraction reported. He noted that Movimiento Ciudadano was looking for a process where maximum transparency in decision-making and the strengthening of the nSO’s autonomy with the appointment of new directors.

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