translated from Spanish: Citizen Pulse Survey: Lavín takes nearly 10 points away its competitors in the presidential race

The mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, is still at the top of the presidential race, according to data from the Pulse Citizen survey released on Wednesday by Activa Research.
In presidential preferences, through a spontaneous and open question (without showing alternatives of candidates), Lavín gets 16.1%, followed by Franco Parisi (6.4%), Michelle Bachelet (5.8%), the former candidate of the Broad Front, Beatriz Sánchez (4.6%) and Gop-Gopth leader José Antonio Kast (4.5%). The edil rises from 15.3% of the previous measurement, while Parisi continues to retreat after achieving its best result in the first half of January with 11.1%.
Lavín also dominates in terms of expectations of triumph, because in the question of who will be the next President, 14.4% answer that it will be Lavín.
The edil is followed by Michelle Bachelet (9.6%), Franco Parisi (7.4%), Beatriz Sánchez (7.1%) and José Antonio Kast (4.7%).
On the opposition side, the Figure of Bachelet is re-installed, advancing from 2.8% to 5.8% in this survey. Go from seventh to third place. As for who he thinks he will be the next President, he highlights his rise, jumping from 4.5% to 9.6%.
However, there is high indefinition in this item, because 16.3% mentions “others”, 27% “I don’t know” and 4% answer that “none”.
The table of “presidency”:

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