translated from Spanish: Dante Spinetta presented ‘Birds’, video that can only be seen pointing at each other’s eyes

Dante Spinetta’s new music video isn’t on YouTube and isn’t meant to be viewed alone or alone. It takes another pair of eyes to be able to do it: when entering from the cell phone, you have to scan the QR code and point to the look of another person. Only in this way can this production directed by Renderpanic be enjoyed; otherwise, it will look blurred, saturated and blurry. Like a person waiting for a cornea transplant. With his song ‘Aves’, El Dante joined the INCUCAI (Single Central National Institute of Ablation and Implant) to raise awareness of the importance of cornea donation.” There’s a whole new generation that doesn’t know well about organ donation. It’s about trying to get a lot of people to start internalizing into this part of life,” he said Tuesday during the official performance of the clip at the Sony Theatre.

Dante Spinetta and team during the presentation of ‘Aves’ Photo: Gentileza Press

“To think that maybe we activate people to donate or sign up knowing that there are 1700 people waiting for corneal transplantation is gross. If we generate that one more person can see… Imagine what that is,” he added. The project – created by the agency Wunderman Thompson and Sony Music – was developed for approximately 9 months and was filmed on December 22. The video plays with the shamanic concept that it can be seen through the eyes of a bird.
Representatives of INCUCAI were also present during the event and emphasized that this initiative seeks to install the problem through which more than 1700 people waiting for a cornea transplant and whose only possibility of regaining vision is donation. For every cornea donor, two people see again. The campaign represents a more than innovative proposal to spread the subject, allowing the possibility of symbolically putting yourself in the place of those who expect a corneal transplant and the importance of donating.
The campaign not only has video as a tool to spread and raise awareness, but also with a filter that Tokyyto (@tokyyto) created exclusively for the occasion: “It consists of a graphic representation of The Dante video clip, where the eyes are covered and illuminated in two different instances, which users can access,” commented the young man from Don Torcuato, designer of numerous filters and effects available on Instagram.The hashtag to post/comment/spread about the content is #XTUSOJOS.

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