translated from Spanish: Government enters Comptroller’s New “Use of Force” protocol for Armed Forces

On this day, the Ministry of Defense entered the Comptroller’s Office of a new Force Use Rules (RUF) protocol for the Armed Forces. This, in the face of a possible new constitutional state of emergency, if requested again.
When they first left after the social outburst, Army, Navy and Air Force personnel took to the streets without an updated regulation, as the last time they had to do these work was in the 1980s.
This changed. According to the newspaper La Tercera, from mid-November the Ministry began work on the creation of new rules. For this, the Defense and Comptroller’s teams met.
These conversations were entered as a document, Decree No. 8 on 24 January, but the discussions with the auditing body led to changes, so yesterday it withdrew the document and later re-entered it with some modifications.
After this re-entry, Comptroller will now have 15 business days to review it and sign the take over. This procedure can be extended for another 15 days. But as reported by the aforementioned medium, they believe it will be operational in March.
The shelter on the day of the plebiscite
It is not the only instruction received by the FF.AA. this year, as in every election process, they will have to guard voting venues for the April 26 plebiscite.
For this, Carabineros is verbally instructing the military on how to proceed in the face of possible demonstrations in the compounds.
They are also being instructed to control attacks on police headquarters and measures to solve hostile solutions.

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