translated from Spanish: “No hard feelings” the return of Erik Juarez and Miriam Tinoco to the PRD

Morelia, Michoacán.- Without hard feelings and very welcome, local deputies Erik Juárez Blanquet and Miriam Tinoco Soto, would return to the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), a year after they announced their resignation from that political institute.
In an interview, the legislator Antonio Soto Sánchez, welcomed all those who want to return to the party and the bench, reiterating that there will be no grudges on arrival.
“There are no grudges here, we don’t make a spiteful policy, it’s a policy of fraternity, it’s for Mexico and for Michoacán. Welcome everyone who wants to be on this progressive project.”
During the period that Soto Sánchez was leader of the PRD, he received a package of resignations from some MEMBERS of DNA, however he said, not remember whether among that package were the resignations of Erick Juárez and Miriam Tinoco.
For his part, Tinoco Soto claimed that they never submitted the resignations to the party, but that they broke up politically and in the Congress of Michoacán they always followed the line of the PRD with a left-wing agenda.
The currently independent lawmaker ruled out what was simulated with respect to her separation from the Aztec sun.
Around the supposed management of posts within the party by both political actors, Antonio Soto denied that it is a condition for his return.
“No one is insured to apply to anything in the PRD for government or local and federal deputies, and no one. I have asked the leaders not to set aside nominations for anyone.”

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