translated from Spanish: They disable Evo’s candidacy: what did the Electoral Court argue?

Being 74 days from the general elections called for May 3 in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the first major news came from the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). After extensive debate, the full room of the event decided to disable the candidacies of the former President, Evo Morales and who was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diego Pary.The truth is that of a total of thirteen demands received by the TSE, eleven of them are against candidates of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), a party from which Morales himself seek to be a representative of the Cochabamba Department as an aspiring first senator. While the official list of nominations for president, vice president, senators, deputies and representatives to supra-state bodies is envisaged between 21 and 23 February, this first indication leaves a major record in the process selection. 

Arce, MAS President Candidate, with Alberto Fernández

“It surprises us, because until this moment it should have been put that they have (papers), that they are enabled, that meet all the requirements. If there are complaints along the way, that will be seen in another instance; what was right is that they were already enabled for having met all the requirements,” said MAS Sonia Brito’s Deputy. is currently allowed, with the eight binomials confirmed for may 3. Movement to Socialism (MAS): Former Economy Minister Luis Arce and former Chancellor David Choquehuanca will seek to restore power to the MAS 
Together Alliance: Current de facto president Jeanine Añez will seek to continue in the Executive with the figure of Samuel Doria Medina as candidate for vice president
Free 21: Former president and in charge of selling the coup to the world, Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Tomasa Yarhui go for a second chance as a binomial 
Citizens’ Community: Carlos Mesa and Gustavo Pedraza seek to recover their more than two million october votes
We believe: The coup promoter of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Luis Fernando Camacho will try to convert his local leadership into a vote. He left his candidacy “blank” looking for that from this one can achieve an opposition unit in the face of the figure of Arce and the MAS. 
Pan-Bol: In what is presented as a mining-police alliance, Feliciano Mamani and Ruth Nina will be present again next May 3rd  
Front for Victory: Chi Hyun Chung appears with Leopoldo Chui as presidential binomial 
Front for Victory: Like last year, the evangelist experienced inconveniences in the registration of his alliance, so it also governs the candidacy for the vice presidency of Jasmine Barrientos
As for the Movement for Socialism, after this news was heard, an emergency meeting was convened to take “strategic measures” on the disqualification. 

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