translated from Spanish: UdeG to open campus for 8,000 Tlaquepaque students in 2023

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- While the plebiscite was defined, the UdeG began to project the University Center of Tlaquepaque, which would be located on Cerro del Cuatro and would receive 8 thousand students. Following the donation of land made by the Government of Tlaquepaque in July 2019, the educational institution will begin this year the phase of environmental impact studies, soil recovery and tree planting.
It would be until 2021 when construction began and it would take about two years to complete it. The plant would be located on a plot of 55 hectares, where another Metropolitan Park was planned and will have a multi-themed offer, with different careers, such as cu Tonalá.Ricardo Villanueva, general rector of the University of Guadalajara, stressed that it will have an open concept for the enjoy of the neighbors, will not affect green areas and will be entirely sustainable.
It will only be built on existing concrete – on about 4.5 hectares – and will also have an air quality measurement centre. CU Tlaquepaque will provide space for more than 8,000 new students and those who currently attend other centers. The inhabitants of the area have expressed concern about the development and possible real estate explosion in the area that will bring to a natural area of high fragility.

People in #Tlaquepaque in #CerrodelCuatro need benefits and fast-track solutions to their poverty problems. Education is and should be the first stone to build true well-being and development. It had to be said and said. Thanks to my @udg_oficial! — Rafa García I. (@RafaelGarciaI)
January 31, 2020

Collectives such as Neighbors Solidarity of Tlaquepaque and Colonias Unidades by the Cerro del Cuatro Rescue demanded the relocation and conduct of a public consultation on the irregular transfer of land by the City Council.The Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of the State (IEPC) just determined that the vote should take place, although Mayor María Elena Limón has indicated that there is no budget for the plebiscite and also

I agree that it is a good project for young people in Tlaquepaque, at the time when I was mayor I promoted it and for ecological reasons was not given, but my question is what is the fear of joining the instruments of citizen participation ? — Alfredo Barba (@alfredbarbam)
February 1, 2020


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