translated from Spanish: Video: La Cámpora honored Cristina Kirchner on her birthday

On the day the vice president of the nation, Cristina Kirchner, is celebrating years, which is why different groups of militants and leaders close to the space celebrate a new anniversary from social networks from the hashtag #CristinaCumple. In this was that La Cámpora, a political organization founded in 2006, published a video as a tribute to those who fulfilled two constitutional mandates as President of Argentina. “Is this the players’ tunnel? The Racing tunnel, look how cute,” says Cristina in her first appearance in this video that takes pictures of the civil servant in the stadium of the football club of which Nestor Kirchner was a fan and from where she chose to close her campaign in the face of the legislative elections of 2017. 

Sounding “Fanky” by Charly García in the background, the video covers different events that had the current vice president as the protagonist. “You can’t expect everyone to love you, it’s very difficult. What I chose is who I want to be loveed and I choose that I want the people to love me in the end. Workers, young people and that’s never free,” he says. As part of the presentation of the book “Sinceramente”, a Cristina Kirchner is seen heading towards a crowd, stating: “The love of you was my shield, it was my armor and it was my spear in these hard and difficult years”. “Love the young, I want to embrace those young people who never stopped accompanying me. I’ve always been so accompanied by you, I want you to know and I want to thank you too,” the video closes. Just as they have already made members of national political life such as Andrés Larroque, Gabriela Cerruti, Mayra Mendoza or Agustín Rossi, surely the day will pass with the greeting of so many other leaders, officials and militants close to the vice president. In this note:

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