translated from Spanish: EZLN protest against AMLO megaprojects

Chiapas.- The Zapatista National Liberation Army held various protests at the headquarters of its ten snails in Chiapas against the projects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, such as the Maya Train and the Transístmico Train.During the day called «Defense of territory and mother earth, Samir are all of us», the Zapatistas placed blankets on each of the Boards of Good Government, lit candles and held mass meetings.

Not to the megaprojects of López Obrador in the place of our life and the life of our mother earth, not the Maya Train, not the Transistmic Train, not to mining, not to wind, not to highways, not to pipelines, not to hydroelectric dams , not to pipelines

displayed the EZLN on a blanket on the oventik snail. In that same seat several Zapatistas formed the phrase «We are All Samir», in memory of the activist Samir Flores Soberanes, member of the Permanent Assembly of the Peoples of Morelos, killed last year after opposing a thermoelectric plant in that entity.

They formed the phrase «We are all Samir» Reform Agency

Not the megaprojects. Resistance and rebellion!

the Zapatistas at different points. In the worthy spiral snail weaving the colors of humanity in memory of the fallen, they performed a prayer in the early morning and set out candles. In the snail blooming the rebel seed, the Zapatistas formed a human chain on the roadside. While in the mother snail of the snails of our dreams, the EZLN held an assembly where slogans were released. The Zapatistas made an altar in memory of Samir Flores in the snail resistance towards a new dawn. According to the plan of the EZLN and the National Indigenous Congress, activities are carried out simultaneously in other parts of the country such as Morelos and Mexico City.In these entities it is planned that tomorrow a march will take place, and on Saturday an assembly in the Amilcingo community, Temoac Township, Morelos.

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