translated from Spanish: Macri returns to the ring: he led a meeting with PRO referees

Former President Mauricio Macri held a summit with PRO’s national table members to “analyze the national situation” and determine “the steps to be taken” of the party, in a meeting that lasted more than two hours. The meeting was attended by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, María Eugenia Vidal, Patricia Bullrich, Miguel Angel Pichetto, the senator and outgoing party president, Humberto Schiavoni, and the national deputy and head of the PRO bloc, Cristian Ritondo. 

The place was the office that the former representative rented in Vicente López, began at 3.30pm and stretched for more than two hours. On the way out of the meeting, Bullrich argued that it was “a meeting where the PRO table with Miguel Pichetto and Mauricio Macri worked a number of important topics”, which the space considers “to be the topics of debate” today.
In turn, Pichetto, who also served as a spokesperson for the PRO meeting, said macri saw “very well, with great interest in the country’s issues, with a vision of prudence and responsibility and closely following all events.” It was one of the first meetings of the former representative with the main leaders of the PRO, a little more than 60 days after leaving the Casa Rosada.

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