translated from Spanish: Mega carambola in Canada; 200 vehicles involved

Montreal, Canada — The various Canadian emergency services were mobilized on Wednesday afternoon by a mega carambola in southern Montreal, involving nearly 200 vehiclesThere were currently no reports of deaths, but the Quebec province police noted that approximately a dozen people had been transferred to hospitals with minor to severe injuries following the midday car accident in La Prairie.
La Prairie firefighters reported that two people were still trapped Wednesday afternoon and that authorities were trying to control a diesel spill before taking them out. The authorities consider these two persons to be in serious condition. The crash occurred around 12:30 p.m. on a stretch of a road that borders the San Lorenzo River. The row of vehicles stretched for a mile.

Thoughts are with motorists, family & Quebec Paramedics working hard today as 2 killed, 60 injured in 100-car pileup on Montreal’s South Shore.Note: “accident” implies an act of fate and is more accurately defined as crash, collision, wreck, pileup”. — (@OntParamedic)
February 20, 2020

Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel told reporters in Quebec City that the multiple crash occurred in an area where strong winds from the river are present, creating sudden snowconditions.” People were driving, there were strong winds… and all of a sudden you couldn’t see anything,” Bonnardel said. “And then the multiple crash began.” An hour before the accident, two snow removal operatives were conducted in the area, he said.

Bonnardel said that the road is not known to have any specific safety problems and that 65,000 vehicles use the southbound part daily. He added that he would wait for the results of an investigation to decide whether any particular action would be needed. Sgt. Stephane Tremblay, a police spokesman, said about 50 cars were able to avoid the crash, but another 75 will need to be towed. Several vehicles were torn apart, including oversized vans.

About 150 people were taken by bus to a nearby community center for medical care and pickup. A school bus was also involved in the crash, but none of the high school students on board were injured, said Andree Laforest, the province’s acting minister of public safety.

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