translated from Spanish: Montillo: “I signed a year with the U and if I don’t renew I retire”

Argentine Walter Montillo, a midfielder at the University of Chile, released details of how his return to the blue draw was made and clarified that if he did not renew the link with the collegiate cast at the end of the year he will retire from football.
When referring to his return to the ‘U’, the 35-year-old told ESPN that “in April last year I was called by Sergio Vargas to join me in June, but I had already given my word to Tigre. But back in Argentina I didn’t adapt well to playing in the B.”
“At that moment he called me Hernán (Caputto), with whom I have a great friendship, we played together. And I felt like that was the time to come. If he didn’t come now, the planets would not be aligned again,” he added, noting that the presence of Sergio Vargas and Rodrigo Goldberg as directors of Azul Azul was key in his return.
In addition, the ‘Ardilla’ assured that Universidad de Chile will be the last club to defend in his career. “I signed for a year and if I don’t renew, I retire,” he said.
“My fear is not being able to live up to what the ‘U’ asks for. Being on the ‘U’ and coming back after so long, the expectation grows for better and worse. You have to prepare better than before, because when you’re younger things come out natural, and if you’re not physically well, they pass you over. That’s why we’ve seen that I’ve been on par with my teammates physically, living up to what they’re asking for on the team and hopefully I can keep doing it,” he added.
Asked, meanwhile, for the encouraging start at the 2020 National Championships, Montillo installed the messura. “They say we’re fine, but there’s still a long way to go. We must maintain the humility to add three, first get out of the places below and then fight the championship.”

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