translated from Spanish: Movement Citizen launches campaign to prevent fraud in Work Visas

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the aim of providing tools to protect Michoacan migrants, Movimiento Ciudadano Michoacán lay out a campaign to prevent fraud on work visas for foreigners.
The workshop-training offered by the Secretariat of the Migrant of the Municipal Operational Commission of Morelia, of Citizen Movement, with the support of the State Coordination, was offered on Wednesday in the premises of the Citizen House.
The national delegate of Citizen Movement in the state, Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, who stressed that this sector is fundamental to Michoacán, was the welcome in charge of welcoming, and highlighting all his support for this project to care for Michoacan migrants, for the contributions they make to their communities.

«Our Michoacan migrant brothers have to leave their lands because in their places of origin they do not find the opportunities to provide a better future for their families, their children; they do not migrate out of taste, they are forced by the precariousness they live on a daily basis,» Antúnez Oviedo said.

The National Delegate was emphatically to say that from this need of many Michoacans to emigrate, and find better living conditions, is that Movimiento Ciudadano is that he opened his doors to his Citizen House to be able to inform and train those who see themselves forced to follow this path, to prevent them from being victims of fraud.
In addition, this comprehensive information training and campaign is about providing them with tools so they can know their rights and defend their guarantees, he explained.
«We as an institute have decided to allocate the public resources we receive to the causes of citizens,» he said.
After highlighting that Movimiento Ciudadano supports the actions on behalf of our migrants, Luis Manuel Antúnez highlighted the contribution that this community makes to the country and the state, through the remittances that for the case of the state is estimated to send 3 thousand 500 millions of dollars a year, resources that benefit the communities from which they originate.
For his part, Miguel Angel Chávez Zavala, Coordinator of the Municipal Operational Commission of Morelia, on which the Secretariat of migrant severalists, who directs Stanislao Ponce de León, is based, stated that the initiatives that are being promoted are generating good results to society.
«It fills us with satisfaction, because that is what the resources of the citizens must be used for,» Chávez Zavala said, in turn, acknowledging the support of the National Delegate of Citizen Movement for the cause.

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