translated from Spanish: Tesla’s autopilot saved the lives of eight people at the same time

Storm Dennis swept the UK. He took everything that stood in his way. The trees fell by the intensity of the wind and it was not safe to drive through the streets. In fact, eight people saved their lives thanks to Tesla’s autopilot.A 400-year-old oak tree fell in the middle of the highway and everything indicated a fatality. However, Tesla’s emergency brakes were activated and the tree hit only the hood of the vehicles, leaving the occupants safe. With more than 300 flood alerts, the UK experienced the passage of Storm Dennis. Heavy rains and hurricane-hurricane-long winds caused chaos in much of the country. Flights, public transport services and even evacuated people living in the hardest-hit areas. It was in this context that the family of Laurence Sanderson, who was traveling with his wife and three children aboard a Tesla Model X, experienced a «miracle,» as the driver describes. Tesla’s Autopilot detected an imminent danger and braked just as the tree fell in the middle of the road.

«One more second and we would have crushed ourselves because I couldn’t have reacted in time.» The car certainly saved our lives,» Sanders explains in an interview for Mirror.The funny thing is that right at the same time, but on the other side of the road, another Tesla Model X in which a man was traveling with her partner, and her mother , also activated the brakes to save their lives from being crushed by the tree. The Autopilot is a driving assistant built into some Tesla models that offers aids in certain driving situations and allows you to drive in a more relaxed way. In no case, its use exempts the driver from his responsibility behind the wheel, in fact, the same technology obliges the user to put his hands on it. In this note:

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