translated from Spanish: The reason Niurka Marcos and Laura Zapata hate each other

Much has been said about the constant fights between Niurka Marcos and Laura Zapata, as both women have years getting everything through the press, but many wonder why the lawsuit between the celebrities is due. It all started after Laura Zapata lost the secretary of the ANDA (National Association of Actors) a few years ago, so the Cuban showed her joy in front of the media because she called the actress to do a mishandling if she had been given power.

It was from that moment that the villain of the soap operas did not stop the vedette and told him everything through poetry, which caused the fury of Niurka, who without hairs on the tongue ended up Thalía’s sister.

But that has not been all since Laura has taken the fight to court because the singer also accused her of defaming her, although Niurka has not cared about the actions taken by her colleague from the artistic environment, because every one who enters the eye of the hurricane takes advantage to give it all.

It should be noted that Niurka’s last statement about Laura was to call her a woman bitter about life, and she also stressed that she gets into other people’s personal affairs, an action that annoys her quite a bit.

As if that were not enough, both women are known in the entertainment industry for facing off against famous ones such as Alfredo Adame, Ninel Conde and Thalía herself among others.

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