translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernández stops the rate increase: «today is not in folder»

Alberto Fernández today referred to the versions about a possible rate increase during the month of June. «Let no one hurry,» the president noted, «it’s not in the folder today,» he said.
«No one rushes. I don’t know if in June we’re going to be able to increase, because what worries me most is that rogues stop winning to the detriment of people. It’s all review study back, and then we’ll see what needs to be done. But the first thing is not to see if there’s going to be a rate increase. So today we don’t have the rate increase in a folder today,» he said.

The statements come 24 hours after his chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, anticipated that in June «there would probably be» an increase in utility fees, «for sectors that can support it.»
Alberto Fernández, on the other hand, explained that first «you have to check what happened with the rates» to know what to do. 
However, the president was blunt, and included public transport in his analysis: «Why is there going to be an increase in transport if naphthas are frozen? I’m going to take care of the Argentinians’ pockets until the last minute I’m here. That’s the commitment I made to people and I’m going to keep it,» he said. In this note:

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