translated from Spanish: Director of Sernapesca and salmon ban in Russia: «There is probably protectionism»

In conversation with Tele13 Radio, the director of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca), Alicia Gallardo, referred to the trip she will make to Russia, following that country’s ban on salmon from certain domestic producers.
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Gallardo said the European country is protecting its industry and increased demands on aquaculture and agricultural products from other countries, so «there is probably protectionism. We want to clarify that, too.»
«It is striking that the last few months have recorded a large number of alerts which are the examinations that they take at the border and that is why we ask you, in the framework of the collaboration that exists with the competent authority of Russia, a meeting with the direct or, to bring our system to him and explain what we are doing and to understand what has happened, that had not happened before, which probably relates to the methodology, with the type of sampling,» said the director of Sernapesca.
In that quotation, Gallardo said, he will defend the «robust» national control system and raised that «there are two types of elements, most relevantly that the use of antibiotics has a limit allowed by the food code that sets out all the requirements for the global human consumption and Russia is asking for more than the limit.»
«What we certify to Russia meets, according to our analysis, so there are even some centers that have been declared and confirmed by Sernapesca, as free of antimicrobial use, so we are very interested to know what happened,» he said.

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