translated from Spanish: Evo Morales points to US for disabling candidacy

Buenos Aires.- Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on Friday accused the United States of influencing the decision of his country’s Supreme Electoral Court, which disabled his running as a senator in the May 3 elections.» We meet all requirements. By instruction from the U.S. embassy they did not approve of the legality,» said the leader of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) at a press conference in Buenos Aires, where he resides under the status of a political refugee.

The ex-staff warned that «peoples are mobilized and organized, we will continue to fight for our sovereignty and dignity.» The Electoral Tribunal disabled Morales on the eve to run as a senator for the Cochabamba region because he does not reside in Bolivia, a prerequisite for a candidate for the Legislative Power according to the Constitution of the Andean country. After 14 years in power, Morales resigned in November 2019 when the police and armed forces withdrew his support amid violent protests against an alleged fraud in the 20 October presidential election of which he was proclaimed the winner and in which he sought a fourth term. After silaging in Mexico for a short time, he took refuge in Argentina, from where he leads his party’s campaign.» They don’t want Evo back in Bolivia, it’s U.S. instruction. Don’t even evo go to the border with Jujuy and Salta» in northern Argentina, held Morales.While Morales’ lawyers recalled that he left Bolivia because his life was at risk and they denounced that this decision of the Electoral Court is the first step in outlawing the MAS in the general election.» It’s a drip proscription. We are outlawing candidates, generating problems… We suspect that we are on the way to the outlaw of the political force of Evo Morales,» said Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni, the former judge of the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice and who legally advises Morales.However, the Electoral Court did validate the nomination to president of the former Minister of Economy, Luis Arce, for the MAS. Arce had applied for asylum in Mexico, but returned to the country to take on his party’s campaign. According to polls, the MAS is a favorite in the elections in the face of fragmented opposition with eight hopefuls, including Acting President Jeanine Añez of the right-wing alliance Together.

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Along with the de Morales, the novice of former chancellor Diego Pary was also disabled even though he is in Bolivia. Pary does not reside in the district through which he is running, the southern province of Potosí, argued the Electoral Tribunal.The other lawyer of the former Bolivian administrator, Gustavo Ferreyra, emphasized that «Bolivia is a state of non-law that has left the world. It is characterized by the exercise of brute force.»
If Morales left Bolivia it was because he was going to be killed,» he insisted.

Both lawyers said they advised Morales to «bring all actions and precautionary measures before the inter-American human rights system.» Morales, for his part, concluded that «this disqualification from Evo is an attack on democracy or they are afraid of democracy finally. They can do whatever they want with me, but don’t destroy democracy, don’t destroy Bolivia.»

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