translated from Spanish: Evo Morales: “they want to prosecute me and disqualify me as a candidate”

Evo Morales held a press conference in Buenos Aires, in which he responded to the ruling of bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), who disabled his candidacy for senator for the May 3 elections. The former president stated that he is eligible to come forward and targeted the United States. 
“We meet all the requirements. Then two members of the electoral law inform me that they did not approve the legality at the instruction of the United States government, accusing me of terrorism, sedition and murderer, by the way,” Evo said.

Morales was disabled on the grounds that he does not meet the requirement to have a “permanent residence” in Cochabamba, the region he intended to represent. “They want to prosecute me, sentence me and disqualify me as a candidate,” he said.

Evo was accompanied by Argentine lawyers Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni and Raúl Gustavo Ferreyra. The conference was held at the Quagliaro Hotel. “The real fraud is the OAS report. They steal it from my win, we win the election. I’m forced not to be a candidate in this election. I wasn’t. I accept everything for Bolivia. But this disqualification is an attack on democracy,” the former president said.

The Supreme Electoral Court’s decision is a blow to democracy. @TSEBolivia members know that I meet all the requirements to be a candidate. The ultimate goal is the MAS ban. — Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo)
February 21, 2020

Then spoke Gustavo Ferreyra, one of his lawyers. “Bolivia is a state of no law, it is a state that has left the world. This non-right State is characterized by the exercise of brute force. Since the coup there have been a number of links. Probably the most important was the unprecedented decision to extend the mandates of a dictator [en referencia a la presidente Jeanine Áñez] and the Legislative Assembly,” he said. Finally, Zaffaroni took the floor and said that “Evo Morales is outside Bolivia because a situation of need was created,” adding, “if he stayed in Bolivia he would be killed.”

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