translated from Spanish: First images of «The Batman»: new suit and a motorcycle accident

Since Christian Bale left the role of Batman, the one who took over one of the most important costumes in the film history was Ben Affleck, who received several criticisms for his role in Batman vs Superman and in Justice League. That’s why he ended up giving in and after several years he confirmed himself to a younger style than the previous ones. Robert Pattinson was cast in the new role in the film «The Batman», which has a release date for 2021, although it was not revealed in what month it will be. However, as early as 2020, there are the first shoots and thus the first leaks of Hollywood studio work.

The first images of the new Batman in the middle of filming. Photo: Twitter

This time, what was ruled were some photos of the new suit and double the performer of Twilight and Water for Elephants, but also a blooper who toured the world in the «bati-moto» that has a somewhat austere design, although it remains to be seen the action of the special effects. In the video, you can see two bikes approaching down a cobbled and somewhat wet path, and when they arrive near the cameras Batman suffers a sunny and in the end fails to brake and causes twice as much risk to lose balance to fall next to the side , at a low speed.

For the Moemtno, there were no criticisms or praises towards gotto the new gotham watchman, but it won’t take long for the batlovers to arrive, as well as the haters, who will seek comparisons between Pattinson and Affleck. 

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