translated from Spanish: Investigation into Alperovich for the allegation of sexual abuse against him against him begins

In the province that the current Senator José Alperovich used to rule, they are already investigating him for the complaint he filed against his second niece and former collaborator for sexual abuse with carnal access.» We had some novelties that have to do with the opening of the judicial investigation in Tucumán, which is what the Judge of Instruction in Criminal 2, Facundo Maggio, barely lifted the fair because he considers that there are enough elements to start an investigation,» said Milagros Mariona, a spokeswoman for the 29-year-old whistleblower, in an interview with La Gaceta.
Faced with this provision, the legislator’s defence «presented a replenishment that was rejected by the judge, so he will have to go to the Chamber of Appeals next week.» For the victim’s representative, «these resources are going to cause some delays.» On the other hand, Mariona stated that next week «the first witnesses are called to testify» in Tucumán, whose testimonies «will also serve for the investigation that is carried out in Buenos Aires.» If there are other cases, they will be encouraged to report as the cause progresses. For now it goes very slowly and it is uncertain what can happen,» she added. In this note:

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