translated from Spanish: Women-agreed stoppage would leave more than 35 billion pesos in losses

Mexico. – If the country’s female workforce is absent for only 1 day, including unpaid work, as is proposed for 9 March, in protest of violence against women, the economy could record a sharp loss of approximately 37.7 thousand millions of pesos. That amount is higher than the oil revenues the federal government picked up last December.
However, the impact could be greater if you also consider the value that would be degenerated corresponding to the unpaid work performed by women, related to domestic and care work, and which can represent up to 11.5 billion pesos in one day, that is, about 17.5% of GDP generated in a day.
By major economic divisions, the service-related tertiary sector would be the hardest hit, because of the weight of female labour in it. It is estimated that the loss in a day would amount to 20.6 billion pesos, representing 79.1% of the total generated by women.
Inside, the most affected activities could be the trade sector, with the loss of 6.8 billion pesos, followed by social services with the non-generation of 3.4 billion, as well as restaurants and accommodation services with 3.1 billion for the unadded value for women’s work in these activities.
In addition to the services sector, manufacturing would be the hardest hit, with an estimated loss of 4.3 billion pesos from absenteeism of workers in this important segment of the economy.
In addition to the above, consideration should be given to the indirect impact of women’s non-participation, i.e. the fact that they do not attend work one day would also curb the work of men, especially in those activities where the hand of female work is important.
There is also an impact from the consumption they would no longer make for transport and food outside the home, among other goods and services.
Beyond the economic cost of her absence, protestagainst violence against women is very relevant as it becomes an important call for attention not only to the government, but to society as a whole, especially because of the problem of femicide that have been unveiled in recent times.

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