translated from Spanish: Boca expands La Bombonera: the new remodels in the plates

Having removed the glass separating the lower L platea from the playing field, work continued to improve the quality of view of the matches, but also expanded the number of fans who can attend the stadium with modifications in two sectors Specific. Through a video on his Instagram account, Mario Pergolini unveiled what La Bombonera is looking like two days from the match between Boca and Godoy Cruz for the Superliga, and has to do with the removal of the seats in Sector M and a corner of the K , where tourists usually go.

«We are finishing taking out all the seats in that sector so that more people enter, so that more partners come in, as is the idea. Regaining capacity for the partner,» says the vice president in the images presented, focusing on the header of the second southern tray (in front of La 12) and the end of the third north tray, just above the popular local. As officially reported, the withdrawal of seats in Sector M generates an expansion of 231 spaces according to stadium permits, while the increase in Sector K was not detailed, but it was made clear that Boca did not spend money on these new reforms.» A project that could be carried out without the club’s erogation thanks to agreements with the companies that carried out the work. The Bombonera, our house, is renewed without losing its mystique to receive more and more fans,» they explained from the official website of the «Xeneize».

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