translated from Spanish: CNDH urge medical supplies

Mexico City.-The National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) urged the Ministry of Health to ensure the supply and availability of cancer drugs essential for the treatment of chemotherapy. In this regard, the CNDH called on the Ssa to provide a comprehensive and effective response to the demands of families of children and adolescents with various types of cancer.

This was later that last Tuesday, relatives of cancer patients rose from dialogue with authorities because they refused to show them the medicines they purchased.” Mothers and fathers stated that, although the authorities say that they have made purchases of medicines that have been distributed in some states of the country, the nosocomios do not have substances such as methotrexate, vincristine, cyclophosphamide, ifosfamide, bleomycin, among others, putting hundreds of children and adolescents at risk of relapse, decreasing the effectiveness of their treatments or losing their lives,” the body said. The Commission stated that the protection of the health of minors does not allow for delay.” Their non-compliance cannot be justified in making adjustments and changes in the policies or operation of health units, as human rights guarantors, the authorities had to establish a mechanism to ensure continuity in the provision of services and the availability of medicines,” he said. It also called on the unit to make a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the scope and impact of the drug deafness situation and identify the affected persons, federal entities and health units. It urged the Ssa to provide the company with clear and detailed information on progress in drug procurement processes and their delivery to the country’s medical units, as well as to carry out coordination actions with state governments to solve the problem and address all nonconformities and reports of lack of medicines and supplies. The agency said it will continue to accompany those affected and take the actions that enable it to investigate human rights violations.

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