translated from Spanish: Guevara announces querellas against fire managers at Bustamante Park Literary Café

The mayor of Santiago Felipe Guevara announced legal action against those responsible for the fire at the Bustamante Park Literary Café that occurred in the early morning today. According to preliminary information from Carabineros, four hynoid persons would be.
Guevara was emphatically in “condemning the events that occurred last night at the Literary Café in Providencia. I’ve spoken to Mayor Evelyn Matthei, they’ve made a gigantic effort, the workers of the Literary Cafe. But also the workers of the municipality to be able to have this literary café ready for the entry into class of the children who make use of the computers there and also obviously the digital and physical literature that exists. So, condemn. These are criminals. This is pure and harsh crime,” Emol said.
The mayor made a diagnosis of the losses stating that “more than 10 thousand books were burned, plus the equipment of a first-class library such as the one that has the municipality of Providencia,” he said.
Regarding the legal actions against those responsible, Guevara anticipated that “the Ministry of the Interior will file complaints and we will reach the last responsible. Let’s hope we can recover the images from the cameras that the Literary Café had so that we can make the prosecution’s work in this case easier,” he said.

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