translated from Spanish: One measles death and 144 confirmed cases in the country

As reported by the Ministry of Health of the Nation in an epidemiological alert, out of the total of 144 confirmed cases in Argentina, three have a history of travel to the United States and three others to Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis).

«In the face of the continued detection of new cases of measles in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and municipalities of the metropolitan area of the province of Buenos Aires associated with cases in travelers due to the high population mobility towards tourist areas at this time of the year, the Ministry of Health recommends continued and strengthenon the ongoing outbreak containment measures through the intensified vaccination strategies and the timely detection and reporting of cases in the face of suspicion,» they said from the letter of Ginéz González García.Confirmed cases are divided: one case in Córdoba, 25 in the city of Buenos Aires and 118 in the province. In the last sector, they were detected in matches on 3 February (3); Admiral Brown (1); Avellaneda (1); Berazategui (1); General San Martín (11); Hurlingham (2); Ituzaingó (6); La Matanza (22); Lanús (1); Zamora Lomas (3); Merlo (32); Moreno (19); Moron (3); Pillar (3); Quilmes (2); Tiger (1); Vicente López (2); Falklands Argentinas (4) and Marcos Paz (1). It was reported that for residents of the City of Buenos Aires and the municipalities of Bonaerenses, the extended indications are:Children from 6 to 11 months: they should receive a dose of triple viral vaccine, «zero dose». This dose is additional and should not be taken into account as a schedule of calendar vaccination.
Children 12 months: They should receive a dose corresponding to the calendar.
Children aged 13 months to 4 years inclusive: must prove at least 2 doses of triple viral vaccine.
Over 5 years of age, adolescents and adults: must prove at least two doses of measles component vaccine (monovalent, double or triple viral) applied after the life year or confirm through a laboratory study the presence of antibodies measles (IgG+ measles serology).
People born before 1965 are considered immune and should not be vaccinated.

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